Saturday, June 13, 2009

YUI STAFF DIARY 2009-06-12

Good evening!
Is everyone doing fine?
Tokyo's weather is nice and calm, it feels good.

Now then, it's been a week since our long awaited release.
Thank you very much for sending so many supporting messages!

YUI and all the staff members got really excited(wai,wai~) reading them.

Truly, thank you!!

About what's going on with YUI recently...
Already, she's back into her 'composing-new-song' mode.

Yesterday, in one of the studio in town,
YUI Band members gathered together,
and had a rehearsal session~

The usual, still 'my pace' YUI, facing music head on.
Really COOL!!

In this rainy season-ish(cloudy?) weather,
hopefully everyone will have a wonderful weekend~

Dewa dewa,

P.S. The just on aired MSta ranking was great news.
Even though it's been a while since the last release, to all the people who contributed towards this success and those who left tons of messages, thank you very much!!


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