Wednesday, June 3, 2009

YUI Dairy and Staff Dairy


Ladies and Gentlemen, Good afternoon!
The day finally came!
the daily releaseof "AGAIN"!
! !

We've been around the annual stores!

After the long release
we have gotten to write on the back!

Just a little, it came at once. . .

Lot of our fans at all the stores,
Everyone of the authorized personnel waited for YUI,
you feel that it is.

Also message of the bulletin board, is delightful truly!!
Always, with everyone story rises with thing of contents of the message board!

Thanks a lot !

We were still nervous about the release date,
and now this year the single is on sale!!!

Customer, thank you! !



AGAIN Release!!!

Now『again』was finally release!!

Approximately with single release after 1 year, realizing restarting, everything increases.

Thank you very much!

Also, the CD has been in the shop.

I think a long time and for some reason,
it turned into a very strange feeling.

Please listen to "AGAIN"




Translation are not perfect.

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