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Kashiyuka "Friday" Article translation

Kashiyuka article translation.

['Friday' (2009, July 3 issue) article]

In the middle of May, a little past 10:00 p.m. in Sangenchaya, Setagaya Ward. There was a quiet cafe at a corner of a residential area. In front of the terrace facing the street, a tall man was talking into a cell phone.
Five minutes later, a woman came walking down the street leading from a thoroughfare to the cafe. It looked like a rendevouz. The gray one piece the woman was wearing was super short on the legs and, extending from under a white camisole over it, her long legs were conspicuos. Her clothing looked quite nudy from a distance, but didn't show gals-like erotisism at all. Recognizing the man, her pretty eyes smiled through the glasses. Her expression was girlish, which made quite a contrast to her nudy clothing. She looked like a heroine from a moe[1] anime or an Akihabara style two dimentional idol. No wonder, since she was Yuka Kashino(20), also known as Kashiyuka from Perfume.
Meeting in front of the cafe, Kashiyuka and the tall man went inside through the door beside the terrace. They went into the only private room there was in the crowded cafe.

Speaking of Perfume, we just reported in the last week issue (June 26 issue) on a 'sleep over' relationship of Ayano Ohmoto (20), also know as 'Nocchi'. As a matter of fact, it sparked much controvesy among fans. In the first place, it has always been a central subject of debate on the Internet whether they are artists or idols. Concerning the last week report, someone said,
"I was dissapointed. This made me realize that I was seeing her as an idol."
and another said,
"It doesn't bother me at all, since she is an artist. I will support them as before."
Opinions are divided between idol fans and artist fans. Whichever they are, except when they are 'Perfuming', they are twenty-year-old girls, and they hang around like ordinary girls and fall in love like ordinary girls.

So, let us bring you back to where we started. Facing the man, Kashiyuka sat on a large sofa which could seat four to five people, stretched her legs, and was in a relaxed mode. Seen through the small window of the private room, Kashiyuka, after making an order, started to talk effusively with gestures. With a live performance coming a few days ahead, she might have wanted to release her tension by talking with him. And he gave us an impression of a mature adult, composedly listening to her. A waiter brought two rice bowls, and they munched on them as if they were at home. As soon as they finished eating, they left the room, and while the man was paying, they were having fun talking with the waiter.
Kashiyuka bouncingly came out of the cafe before him, and she got all hyped up. Waving her hands over her head, she started to walk swaying her hips. Unlike Perfume's blip-blip dance, it looked like a monkey dance. The man caught up with her as if to ask "What are you doing?", and Kashiyuka was all smile. (Photograph on page 5)[2]
Soon after that, they got into a quiet promenade. Naturally they got closer and locked their arms ... You might expect it, but that was not what happened. They suddenly took a distance from each other and went on separate ways.

In the previous issue, we called Nocchi's boyfriend, Atsushi Horie of STRAIGHTENER, 'herbivore boy', but the man in this article was no less herbivorous than him. When he became alone, he leaned forward and scurried like a hare in a snowy mountain, or turned the direction suddenly like an impala. He moved mysteriously like a herbivore running away from a carnivore. But, as he was tall as a giraffe, he couldn't help standing out. After a few minutes' walk from the cafe, still on alert, he came to the front of Kashiyuka's apartment and took out the cell phone to call Kashiyuka. When she got the call while walking on the promenade, she looked around and went back, and didn't seem to be getting near her apartment. The two of them didn't go into Kashiyuka's apartment after all. The man dissapeared into somewhere and Kashiyuka got in a taxi and went in the direction of the man's appartment. They might have picked up a scent of us. (lol)

Tall like a giraffe, intuitive, and in his twenties, this man is Yoshiharu Ota. He is an energetic up-and-coming photographer, who works on CD covers, music magazies, fashion magazines, etc. He was selected as one of the '100 Photographers 2009' on a magazine called 'COMMERCIAL PHOTO' (from Genkosha, '09 June issue). Recently he shot photographs for the cover of Remioromen's retrospective album releasesed on March 9. Like Mr. Horie, he too has much more than to be called a 'herbivore'.

It was not their first time that the two met secretively. A week before this, at around 9:00 p.m., Kashiyuka visited Ota's apartment in Setagaya Ward. She went up the stairs like she knew the place well, and went into the room. About an hour later, a few people including Kashiyuka and Ota came out and got in a one-box-car which was parked in front of the apartment. The car went to the said cafe and they took seats beside the terrace with the two sitting close to each other. Kashiyuka did things like stroking Ota's right cheek with her left hand or touching his arm. As explained in the previous issue, the three members' characters are like, A~chan is boke and Kashiyuka is tsukkomi and Nocchi goes at her own pace. It looked like Kashiyuka was doing tsukkomi to Ota, too.

When asked about an ideal type of man during interviews, she always says "I like light-complexioned, tall, and lanky man.", and Mr. Ota seems to be her ideal man. It seems she never gets tired of being with him.

Perfume successfully performed at National Yoyogi Stadium No.1 Gymnasium on May 9 and 10. In the concert, boke player A~chan quietly said,
"I sometimes wish to get back to be an ordinary girl."
Was she speaking for the other two who were in love?

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