Monday, February 23, 2009

Airi magazine scans

Yui Diary













how are you?
i recently went snowboarding!
the snow is beautiful, it feels really good.

you guys should refresh too.

we'll enjoy.

Debut four years from now.
thank you i got lots of messages.

i'll do fun music activities in the future.

you'll be happy as well!

so bye bye.


the translations may not be perfect.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday A-chan

February 15.

Let's celebrate a-chan's 20th birthday. now with two decades i hope we have many more.

Friday, February 13, 2009


NEW CONCERT pictures.


Finally an appearance from perfume.
i'm not sure what even this is but i can see they performed live maybe chocolate disco.
I was worry cause i haven't seem anything about them for a while. it's about time to get on track i mean they're having a new single soon. i hope this new single is as good or better than dream fighter. 

berryz new single.

finally i'm so happy, after having a single like madayade (which has to be one of my least favorite singles from berryz.) they are finally coming out with something very mature. 
a new image and new style which is very interesting and suits them well. 
it reminds me alot of morning musume. Especially to naichou kamo. i like the berrys single better though. I'm very surprised that for the first time risako is not in the front.
this single is to be release on march 11 2009.
i really loved the pv. they all looked great and it was amazing, probably one of my favorites pv's from berryz.
I think that risako and chinami did best on this PV with the attitude. I think probably they understood the idea of the video better. I'm so proud of them. also they are my favorite on look, i think they look best on this PV. Especially chinami, I'm loving that hair on her and they make-up looks very good too.
I hope berryz keep coming out with good stuff like this.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Love this picture.

Isn't this so adorable?
i absolutely love what reina is wearing there, she has such a diva style, very fashioned and original. it's so cute to see them hanging out together.

i believe this picture is from nono's blog.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hana Horizon's new blog.

 I though i should introduce myself on my first post. 
I'm not sure about how to use this blog that much but I'm really willing to work hard on it.
i run a perfume blog, which was my first blog ever. there i usually post pictures.
i think i had that blog for about a year now.
 not so long ago i started a new blog on hatena. there i usually talk about music and post some lyrics that i write. also i post about perfume. it's my japanese blog.
I'm logging for something different in this blog. here i will talk and post about all my favorite jpop artist as about myself so that people can get to know me a little more. 
my favorite jpop group as obvious as it is, is perfume, but i like other people that i usually don't talk about on my other blogs.
those are 
Tommy Heavenly6
Berryz Koubou
Morning musume
On this blog i will actually post about these artists. i'm hoping to find lots of interesting things
to talk about here and i think i will, since it'll be about many different things.
i'm loving my layout desing so far and i really like the picture a used for my banner.
On my player i have some of the songs i like from my favorite artist though i just remember that i forgot about AKB48's new single.
i'll also talk about dramas and anime. right now i'm watching Q.E.D with Ai Takahashi. i really like it they're both so adorable. anime i'm not really watching any so if anyone could recommend me one i'll be really happy.