Friday, February 13, 2009

berryz new single.

finally i'm so happy, after having a single like madayade (which has to be one of my least favorite singles from berryz.) they are finally coming out with something very mature. 
a new image and new style which is very interesting and suits them well. 
it reminds me alot of morning musume. Especially to naichou kamo. i like the berrys single better though. I'm very surprised that for the first time risako is not in the front.
this single is to be release on march 11 2009.
i really loved the pv. they all looked great and it was amazing, probably one of my favorites pv's from berryz.
I think that risako and chinami did best on this PV with the attitude. I think probably they understood the idea of the video better. I'm so proud of them. also they are my favorite on look, i think they look best on this PV. Especially chinami, I'm loving that hair on her and they make-up looks very good too.
I hope berryz keep coming out with good stuff like this.

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