Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'm So exited this year both YUI and Perfume will attend to Rock in Japan festival like last year.
I really hope they broadcast this on tv. they will perform the same day but on different stages.
The show will be on a friday July 31. Perfume will perform on "Grass stage" and YUI will perform on "sound of forest"



This is the map of all the area

The stages are far from each other that mean a lot of walking.
it would be so great if i could go to this festival. : (


Paner said...

Hope you can go there and have much fun there. Make many fotos!

griehle said...

If you haven't seen some of the video from Perfumes Rock in Japan 2008 performance, it is on youtube and it is awesome. The crowd is amazing!

Jeffry said...

Yeah,,, i have watched perfume at rock in japan fes 08. But, do you have the video of perfume at rock in japan fes 2009??? Until now, there is not a little video of perfume shows at r in j f 09. I hope you get it and will share to me and others. thanks,, you can add a comment in my blog for this comment response. But, my blog is in Indonesian languange.