Friday, June 12, 2009

Nocchi has a Boyfriend????

There is a rumor around from the magazine "Friday" that nocchi is dating the lead singer of the band STRAIGHTENER.
According to the Magazine They went out drinking with a group of friends one night and he visited her at her apartment later on that night. Amuse said that they are just friends.

The guy Looks like it would be nocchi's type.

I really hope this rumor isn't true because i don't want perfume to break up or to have any trouble because of boyfriend situations. I'd be happy if any of them have a boyfriend but if they keep it on the very low, i mean she's turning 21 this year it's about time for her to get a boyfriend but i really hope this doesn't bring any kind of trouble for Her or for perfume.
The guy is 10 years older than her so i hope this isn't true though 20 year old girl and 30 year old guys seem to be some thing very common today and in japan even more.

These are the magazine Scans

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