Monday, June 15, 2009

Nocchi "boyfriend" Friday Magazine Article Translation

Here is the translation of the the Friday magazine that contain the article about Nocchi.
translated by taka02

'Friday' (2009, June 26 issue) article (1/2)]

It was around 1:00 a.m. on a shopping street in Nakameguro, Tokyo. Several men and women came out of an Okinawan dining restaurant. Among them was a smiling woman, who, when she came to the retaurant, was covering two thirds of her face with a hat and muffler, but now seemed relaxed surrounded by her friends. You might have recognized her girlish bobbed hair and big eyes ...

"I'm Kashiyuka! I'm A~chan! I'm Nocchi! Three of us together, we are Perfume!" --- You know this
typical idolish phrase. She was Ayano Ohmoto (20), also know as 'Nocchi', from Perfume. Near-futuristic techno pop unit Perfume was formed by classmates in Actors School Hiroshima in '00. After working with an indie label, they debuted under a major label in '05. They got their break by appearing in a TV commercial for Japan Advertising Council in '07, and their album 'GAME' reached No.1 on Oricon Chart in '08. In the same year, not only did they achieve their goal of performing at Budokan, but they made an appearance on 'NHK Kohaku Utagassen'. In May of this year, they successfully performed at National Yoyogi Stadium No.1 Gymnasium. It seems there is no end to their success.
With high quality music produced by Yusutaka Nakata, and the mysterious dance moves, that will captivate you once you see it, they have created their own unique unidolish world.
Let us give you a rough description of their characters. Ayaka Nishiwaki, also known as A~chan, is boke[1] and Yuka Kashii, also known as Kashiyuka, is tsukkomi. Nocchi may be a type who stands by their side and goes at her own pace.

Let us bring you back to the Nakameguro scene where we started. The group of 4 boys and 4 girls started to walk to the station on the shopping street. Before we knew it, the group had become a group of four couples. The couple walking ahead were Nochhi and a tall, pale, bespectacled, and 'herbivore type'[2] young man. The long hair covering his face made him look like an artist or something. Although they were walking side by side, they were keeping a subtle distance.
After walking for about five minutes, the group broke up, and some of them took a taxi home. And belive it or not, Nocchi and the herbivore boy got in the same taxi. In the taxi, they didn't sit close to each other but still kept a subtle distance. Was he just taking her home because he was going in the same direction?
After a while, the taxi pulled up about 100 meters away from a neat apartment. The herbivore boy paid. It seemed both of them were getting off there. Nocchi got out of the taxi first, and headed toward the apartment without looking at the herbivore boy who was still in the car. That seemed to be Nocchi's home.
On the other hand, the herbivore boy, who was left alone, started to walk in the opposite direction to Nocchi's apartment. After five minutes of walk, he got into a supermarket which was still open at midnight. He looked around the food section alone. Would the night go on like this? But one telephone call changed all this. After a few words on his cell phone, the herbivore boy hurriedly got out of the store. Few minutes later, we saw the herbivore boy going into the entrance to Nocchi's apartment. It was a perfect 'Time difference trick". The plan must have been like this. Nocchi would go back her apartment first and check outside, and after calling him to say 'It is OK', he would come to the apartment. When they were together, they would keep a 'not lovers' distance when people were around. We were impressed by Nocchi's professional attitude as an idol. Or it may have been just her tsundere[3] (lol).

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