Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Today was such a nice day!!!!! and i have many things to talk about......

YUI's New single AGAIN hit number one today in the ORICON Charts selling 33,816 copies the first day!!!!!
I'm not surprised i mean it's yui after all!
I hope she keeps doing really good with her sales!!!!!
this is no doubt one of her best singles ever!

I finally got Ai Takahashi's Watashi photobook which i love. it's really great, i love the quality and every picture is amazing, she looks super beautiful.
i took some pictures of my favorite shots but they were too many.
I recommend everybody who loves ai to buy it it's really worthy, my favorite ai photobook ever!!

FINALLY I GOT MY アーバンギャルド/urbangarde CD!!!!!
i'm really glad to finally have after i wanted it for so long. i hope they get more popular and keep making great music so please check them out, they are a really fun band.
they CD brings 13 songs.

Here i uploaded one song so people can check them out.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD waterdrop syndromes

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