Saturday, February 13, 2010

Perfume New Single!!!!!!!!!

Finally what we all have been waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's been a whole year since they released "One room disco" in march 2009.

The Single was announced today as valentine's day in japan. the singe will be release on april 2010.

This is the exact article from their wedsite

Perfume 2010年の「Fan Service」決定!!



2010年4月、Perfume 約1年振りのNew Singleリリース決定!!


Perfume 2010年のBrand New Songをお楽しみに♪


■2/11(木) 0:00〜2/14(日) 25:00の期間限定で、「レコチョク」・「アミュモバ」にて、

□Flash Lite1.1以上に対応


Perfumeが、2007年から毎年バレンタインデーに行っている"Fan Service"。
2010年も、Perfumeからの"Fan Service"を行う事が決定しました!!

また、2/14(日)に放送される、NHK「MUSIC JAPAN」(23:30〜24:15)では、


If anyone could translate it i would be happy.

The tittle is unknown and the oficial date of the release.
Everyone get ready for this single.


Adam said...

Hi, here's my rough translation of the single announcement. Happy to help out the Perfume fan community.

* * *

Perfume 2010 "Fan Service" Decided!!
A Valentine's present from Perfume

Part 3 Announcement!!

Sorry to keep you waiting!
It's been almost a year but it's been decided that Perfume will release a new single in April 2010!

*More detailed information will be made available as it is decided.
*Please contact CD shops from 2/23.

Please look forward to Perfume's New Song for 2010.

Part 2 Announcement!!

It has been decided that from Feb 11 (Thursday) midnight – Feb 14 (Sunday) 1 am, video clips of "Reco-choco," "Amyumoba," and the Right Angle Isosceles Triangle Tour Version of "Chocolate Disco" will be made available.
Also, at the above-mentioned site at the same time, a personal message from Perfume will be available via Flash.

Please be aware:
Flash Lite 1.1 or above required.
The Flash video will not expire.
Quality may vary depending upon equipment used.
Please acknowledge these points beforehand.

Part 1 Announcement!!
Since 2007, every year Perfume has released a new Fan Service on Valentine's Day. In 2010 also, Perfume will be releasing a Fan Service.

Also, on Feb 14 (Sunday), Perfume's performance of "Chocolate Disco" will be broadcast on NHK's "Music Japan" (11:30-12:15), it has been decided. Please look forward to this broadcast.

Let's also enjoy Perfume's "Chocolate Disco" for the 2010 Valentine's Day.

hanahorizon said...

thank you so much for translating. : )