Monday, February 1, 2010

Perfume On PS magazine

Perfume was featured on the magazine PS(perfect style) Which i believe it's some kinda fashion magazine.

this is not the cover of the magazine.

I really can't wait to see the full pictures of this magazine. they are featured with different hair styles!!!!!!!!!
this is really amazing cause it's what we all have been asking for.......they have some kinda girly hair styles very kawaii.
it's the march 2010 edition but it came out yesterday on japan which mean i can order it soon. I really have to go to the japanese book store and try to find this, if i can't find it i guess i'm gonna have to order it.

There's only a small preview of the pictures.

Dont they look stunning!!!

I really love the short hair on kashiyuka, she would really rock that. also they curly hair is amazing on her so beautiful<33
A-chan's hair looks pretty much the same as usual but it's still nice.
Nocchi's is different but it's still short....i wish they had put hair extensions on her to see how it would look but then again maybe they did but since i haven't seen the whole book i don't know.

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