Sunday, January 17, 2010

perfume triangle tour review

Hi everyone!!! I just finished watching perfume's latest concert DVD Triangle Tour. The concert was pretty long but worth watching. It didn't have that many MC which wasn't so cool but i recommend this DVD to everyone. Many cute moments and many tears from especially one of them. Love the outfits and the stage. Kiss and Music rocked!! really loved that performance......I mean when you watch it you'll know.

I was very surprised that they sang some of the songs live including Negai which they usually don't.
For everyone who still didn't watch this you need to go buy it and watch it right away!! this show was so amazing<333

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Michael said...

This concert in my opinion was the best one I've ever seen them perform. All the outfits were classy (right down to the triangle earrings Kashiyuka and Nocchi were wearing). The stage and catwalk were a designed very well. I liked how the stage had a display on the overhead view. Having the catwalk split off into a V was a good idea. When I watched the Budoukan concert I just thought that stage was too huge for them. It was cool to see them perform a lot of their newer material and some songs you don't usually them do (negai, seventh heaven as mentioned in the main article) in a concert setting. And seeing someone else cry at the end other than A-Chan was a surpirise. Take hanahorizon's advice and pick this one up. :)