Monday, January 11, 2010

Perfume and Japanese Idols

It's been a long time since I've been into these girls, 3 years I believe.
I think wow time passes so fast that I didn't even notice. They've all become very different from before ,and the way I think of each of the girls.

Sometimes being into an idol group becomes an obssesion and yes I'm a wota.

There are some difficult issues about liking these girls, I mean wanting to know about them and sharing opinions with people from the outside, their other fans. Some times this can become complicated to the point when it almost gets disappointing.

I know this guy who was facing some differences with other two perfume fans. their is an actual difference between the Japanese fans and their American(world wide) fans. He corresponds with Japanese perfume fans, and finds that some are understanding, while others are rather overprotective, and sometimes even very rude & uncaring. when it comes to sharing opinions everything becomes a quaos. This guy was blocked by two of the perfume Japanese fans because of difference of opions.
In my opinion I believe that if we all like te same thing, then why argue about it and not respect each other? We all have the rights of sharing ideas and points of view.
It also becomes frustrating that you can't never really get to know them because they're not even allow to write back to their fans. I don't know why the Japanese idol industry is so overprotective! The girls are not allow to do anything, we write to them to let them know how much we love them but it seems impossible to get a reply. I hate overprotection I mean when I met akb48 I couldn't give them a present or shake their hands:(

These girls are like our addition we know the contact is limited but we can't get enough of them.

I hope everyone get the point of what I'm trying to say, please undestand and this is only my opion. For the love I feel for perfume.

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