Friday, December 18, 2009

YUI new single "GLORIA"

Finally the single's name has been released. "GLORIA" I wonder what kind of song this is going to be.
this will be her first single of 2010. This song is a inspiring cheerful song to encourage high school students.
The title song will be aired as Benesse Corporation’s 「Shinkenzemi Highschool Correspondence Course」’s
CM song starting January next year.

preview it's bad quality but you can hear it.


Really love the cover. she looks so pretty and stunning<33 i'm really looking forward to this single.

2010/01/20 OUT
M-02. Muffler
M-03. It’s all too much ~YUI Acoustic Version~
M-04. GLORIA ~Instrumental~

☆ 『GLORIA』 Music Video

Support YUI buying the single!

SRCL 7198~99 ¥1,575 (tax in)
SRCL 7200   ¥1,223 (tax in)

YUI's comment

"Youthful days, I think it’s really a time where people are inspired to do various kinds of things. And so, 「The way you live your life at that time, it really has the ability to change your whole life」. “Could everyone empathize with this feeling too?” I wondered (while creating this song).

Students that are preparing for exams, or even those involved in sports, those thinking “Now is the time to work hard!”, I want all of them to listen to this song!"

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