Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Perfume Triangle tour pamphlet

Please do not post or share this anywhere else. This took a long time to scan and cost me alot.
enjoy the booklet.



Some of the files are smaller resolution than others. For some reason when i uploaded this to photobucket the files wouldn't be the same size as the original file. the scans are not perfect but if you have photoshop you can retouch the scans to make the pictures smoother. this is a really worth product to buy, the pictures are really good quality and the paper is very strong. I could scan this all over again and upload better scans but i don;t want my book to get damage or have any of the pages bended since the paper is so glossy.
I recommend this product to anyone it's really worth it.


Sunflower Sea~ said...

thanks so much ^_^
I'm a huge fan of Perfume XD, especially, Kashiyuka

Suzuki Ryo said...

wow... great scans...
thanks for sharing.

Sars said...

2/3 of the files on the one I downloaded are squished into tiny bars instead of an image.... maybe just me? o_O But thanks a ton for sharing!

Konoka said...

Amazing, thank you so much!