Friday, July 31, 2009


Finally the day came!!!!

let's start with perfume

1 songs, "One Room Disco", and will climax with the sudden tension in the audience, CM familiar with "NIGHT FLIGHT", MC "Dream Fighter", and follow up, the latest music. The following song "Macaroni" again after the MC. Call & Response is perfect. And set to climax. Come, "Chocolate Disco" and "polyrhythm" super powerful combo Classic Perfume! Cover a broad field and call the cry fit to cheer any more than a roar.

The girls looked stunning rocking some vivid summer colors.

Here also found some backstage photos of the girls.

You can notice some difference in A-chan's hair.

Fan recorded chocolate disco


Next is YUI

She really looked beautiful so different from last year.

YUI "Laugh away" live at the start. into the air increase the sincere voice. soft, well-known voice in the core, sometimes "going YAA!"
"Rolling star", the latest single "again" to hear the sound of rock music. YUI is not only unable to strike a good resource.
The final song was "Sea"


nocchio said...

it sounds like you went to the festival...did you!?!?!?
yes, a-chan's hair style is becoming close to that of kashiyuka's.

Anonymous said...

I love Nocchi's hair right now, the fringe is good. I kinda miss A~chan's curly hair >.<
Thank you!
YUI is awesome :D