Monday, July 20, 2009


Hey sorry i didn't post anything in so long but i'm been so busy.
I'm waiting on my オリ★スタ magazine to arrive so i can post the scans of perfume.
also i just got a copy of "WHAT's IN?" magazine, the pictures are cute, but i still didn't scan it,
i guess i've been lazy too.

オリ★スタ magazine

I decided that i need to stop liking perfume so much because i'm going really broke buying every magazine
the come out. Sadly i can't help my love for them and eventually I am still going to keep purchasing their
merchandise. it's hard to keep up but what can i say i just simply love them too much.
The CUT magazine just came out 2 days ago so that means i have to go get it as soon as possible.

this is a preview from the Cut magazine.

They look so cute don't they? i must get this!!!! but i'll be broke again : (


maffinoyobiai said...

Gah! I hope you keep getting money somehow! I love seeing all these pictures of perfume =D I appreciate them so much >_< Anyways, thanks for posting these two pictures!

neder12 said...

Thanks for posting up Perfume photos this is the only one site can i find this rare pictures more thanks 2 you, im just a Perfume from the Philippines.

nocchio said...

i know how u feel... im broke too!!
im buying all of the magazines they are on(i mean all most all of them) i cant stop buying those...cuz there too cute///