Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Perfume New album "⊿" Song previews

Click songs to listen

1.Take off

4.edge (⊿-mix)


6.Kiss and Music

7. Zero Gravity

8.I still love U

9.The best thing

10.Speed of Sound

12.願い (Album-mix)

So far their music has totally changed with thisnew album, it sounds really different from their old stuff. i guess that once again i'm gonna have to get used to it though i already like this album more than game which i only liked about 3 songs.
can't wait for the tour!!!!


nocchio said...

i cant wait for the new album too!!
i love their new music style!!
they really are the best!!!!!!!!

are you going to the tour, hana?

hanahorizon said...

I want to go but I'm too far here in NYC.
It would be so great if I could go.


Thanks for keeping up with my blog.
If I don't go to this tour I will deffinately go
to their next concert. : )

nocchio said...

No, i cant go to their concert either...
i wish i could...but im gonna go to their next concert!!!!meet you there!!@_@

oh hana. your blog is great!!!!i want to say thank you!!!