Friday, May 8, 2009


Ladies and Gentlemen, Good afternoon! 
GW Yes Did you? Did you enjoy a lot? 
Tokyo has been in good weather at last. 

Also closed from tomorrow (laughs) 
NEっI am happy about! ! 

Again, as a memorial to the release, 
YUI-net has been announced that the applicant planned gifts, 
( top of, or INFO to see it please!) 

Original gifts that would draw in 
And I put it wrong?

Original white band 
The Rolling star, was popular at the time! ! 
Revived again, this time in the planning! ! 
New "YUI logo" and "YUI-net" in the URL. 
This is cute! !

And here there are three color variations, 
Original signed picks! 
Fender me it's working! 
(When applying, you can not specify color. With random winners) 
Production is the first CD (the Normal Edition and Limited Edition) will be filled in, 
Please apply by postcard to the applicant.
"Try again!" 
ANATA again in the storyline. 
It is really fun! !
We are waiting applicants. 
I'm in it. 
A fun weekend ~ ~ 
YUU Ade.

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