Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sweet Vacation First Full Album and New single

After Having their first debut Single "Sayonara my days/さよならマイデイズ" This summer their having their second Major Single Tittle " I need to go" the single is to be release on 2009/07/08

These are the tracks for the single

2.Because of you (cover: Ne-Yo)
3.Summer Day (DJ TARO "hbs" Remix)

Their first Full album called "pop saves the world!!" will include 14 tracks including some of their previous albums and some new tracks.
It would bring two disc which one would be a dvd. The album is to be release on 2009/08/05

Disc One

1 sexy girl returns ~intro~
2 why don't you(2nd edition)
3 あいにいこう ~I・NEED・TO・GO~(2nd edition)
4 キラメキジェット
5 さよならマイデイズ(2nd edition)
6 Vacation ~Interlude~
7 Life is MiRACLE
8 Magical Mystery Tour
9 Brandnew Wave 
10 Shooting Star
11 8bit darling
12 Escape!!
13 I miss you ~ユメデアエタラ~
14 believe in,pop will save the world? ~outro~

Disc two DVD

1 Music Clip 「あいにいこう ~I・NEED・TO・GO~」「I miss you ~ユメデアエタラ~」「さよならマイデイズ」「why don't you」
2 特典映像収録

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