Saturday, April 4, 2009

YUI's Birthday party

yui's birthday bash pictures were uploaded at the staff diary on her wedsite.
they wished her and happy birthday and wished for a 2009 to be a great year.
the cake looked really nice i mean so many strawberry's i guess yui likes them,
the 22 candles looked great representing her age now.

there was also another post.

Hello! everybody
how are you?
the cherry's seem to bloom more
it's finally spring!

now the successful yui recently turn 22 years old.
also news have been released the she has been.....

meeting with colleagues,
the rehearsal was fun.

We got messages from many people this year!
We were thrilled! !

This year we'll try a lot to do a good job,
YUI, STAFF There is a jump-start us.
Customer, Thank you!

bye bye
this was the birthday report.

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