Monday, April 6, 2009

perfume interview video

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"Achan- likes the high heals from that brand, Odtte&Odile, because she feels like her foot expands and contracts by about a centimeter and somehow those shoes accommodate that. However how or why she does not know. In any case, they are really nice looking and according to Nocchi, they are the go to shoe when dancing.

KSYK, Is currently into a old school manga calledジョジョの奇妙な冒険, jojo’s strange adventure. At first she though she would not be able to read it, because stylistically its not a female manga, but she really likes Jojo’s character/spirit, they suggest to nocchi that she should read it also, but thus far she is content on resisting.

Currently nocchi is into sheep& sheep character goods because of their fluffy hair and black feet, She is currently watching the show “Shaun the sheep”, and one of her most favorite things is a sheep shaped rocking chair that KSYK gave her for her birthday last year. They ask her, because the likes sheep she cannot eat lamb (I think that’s what they asks her), but nocchi says she likes it. One animal that she likes more that Sheep is the alpaca, which is like a sheep but with a stretched neck.

They ask them, now that they are 20, how have the changed

Nocchi say something like, “they have not yet tried to go out and get a drink yet , but its something they want to try” . KYSK seems confident that she can drink, but wavers a little at the end.

A~chan says something about the signs that they have in front of pachinko parlors but she may read the kanji wrong"

this is all from perfume city bbs.

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