Saturday, April 25, 2009


Music Video shoot for again!

Ladies and gentlemen, good evening!
How are you you?
The weather has been mild,
Is to keep fit, but please enjoy the spring!

Now, Music Video is now lifted,

Report quiet!

On that day, "made in the way guitar" *! 100 books! And
Means the beginning of a new story "big book"
Available during the term of the Tokyo store.

And, YUI and band members,
Set deep in that sense, using the same equipment and live
Recorded in the style of play!

Work completed, up to now!
YUI strong spirited, it was a great MV.
So, please check it!

The song, again wearing the day before yesterday,
As a start, and come here,
Please check it!
It is also a lot of joy.
YUI staff,
This is the life!

I'm at it, still,
Customer, Thank you.

translation may not be perfect.

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