Monday, May 31, 2010

Perfume Live at Tokyo Dome in November

IT was rumored earlier this year that they would hold at concert at Tokyo Dome, and perfume themselves said that Tokyo Dome was their next goal. FInally it has come true and they have made it!!!! on november 3 perfume would have their very first concert there.
I'm really really happy for them it's really like a dream come true. Perfume are going to be the second Idol group after SPEED to have a concert at Tokyo Dome!!!!! with 50,000 seats available, that's how big this is.

The tittle of the concert is 「1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11」 I know it's a strange tittle but it's meaning is them building their 11 years together. Yes they are almost at their eleven year together as perfume. Knowing how long they've come to reach this goal it's really impressive and makes me really proud of them, that's how you know that if you reach for something it can take many years but you can archive it, as long as you keep fighting for it. I hope they have a special movie celebrating their 10 years together or a special DVD.

Please if you're a perfume fan, and you are able to go to japan, support them by attending to this concert i mean the place can hold 50,000 people. I still can't believe they made it.

(now i'm gonna wait for AKB48 to become the 3rd idol group to have a concert there.)

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