Tuesday, May 25, 2010

AKB48 New PVs

盗まれた唇 (PV)

Words can't describe how much i hate this PV. Huge disappointment.
I can't believe they're are doing this to sayaka I mean they only showed her 3 times in the PV and it was all far shots.
first she's not even supposed to be an undergirl. If this keeps happening that's gonna be the end of akb for me.
I barely saw sashi, amina and sayaka who deserve to be more in the front than Ami. I really don't wanna dislike this girl but after i saw this PV right now i really hate her......the feeling will go away eventually after i forget about this PV.

マジジョテッペンブルース PV

I love this PV!!!!! it's very funny and creative. Makes me wish they had a majisuka musical.
really can't wait to see this song live.

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