Monday, September 21, 2009

I've been wondering why...

Why???? Why would Tsunku kick kusumi out of Morning Musume? well he said on his blog that he decided to have her graduate.
To me he was saying he decided to kick her out. but why?? why would he want to graduate one of the most popular members?

Miracle girl Kusumi Koharu has always been one of the most promising girls in HP!
she has high spirit and she is sure on of the best looking girls in HP!

This is really unfair, this is too sudden. this has me wondering if they just waited for the kirari revolution ended, so they can get rid of her. her graduation will be in december so we still have time to enjoy koharu's presence in morning musume.
this will make me not be as much into morning musume as i was. time heals everything so i hope i get over this fast.
I feel like something had to happen for tsunku to make this decision.

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