Monday, November 8, 2010

Perfume "Nee" Review

I really love this single!!

sounds very calm and refreshing. very similar to Voice. I like this song but it's not that catchy, kinda slow.
has this kinda touching feeling to it. I like the way their voices crash before the first verse. this song is very cute.
this single has done it for me.

2.Fake it
Really really love this song. i already expected it to be a up beat song, but this song it's very different from their previous work.
it really doesn't song like any of their song in the past two years. this is nothing like 575. kinda reminds me of their complete best era. very catchy and cute. I'm happy lately their side-b have been very different.

With this single again the side B wins over the side A, "Fake it" is better in my opinion.

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