Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Lately I've gotten into kpop.
I think it's very different from jpop and it kinda has a western similar sound. I'm too new to it so it takes time to adjust but with time I'm sure I'll be more hooked on it.

Since Kpop is becoming more popular in japan recently, It caught my attention. because about 3 Kpop girl groups had their japanese debut this late summer. it made me interested in their style. mostly when i saw KARA performed their first japanese single "MISTER" at Music Japan. I liked their style right away and thought the girls looks really cute. Especially Ham (Seung-yeon) really caught my attention.

This music is really new to me and I'm having a hard time to adjust to the language. the names are really hard to pronounce too.
when I try to understand it makes my brain hurt, but i'll get used to it.

At first it was even harder because I liked the girl groups but there was something missing. I don't have an Oshimen (favorite girl) that would keep me into liking Kpop. I only liked KARA and Girl's Generation. Thanks to Acchan (AKB48) a while ago at the beginning of the summer, I found out about BigBang. I Like that they had english lyrics but their style was too different from what I was used to. The video I saw at the moment was "Tell me Goodbye."

Later after I was already into Kara and Girl's Generation, I went to check on "www.jpopasia.com" (a site I check very Often) and I saw they had a new song. Beautiful Hangover did it for me. I liked this song right away and immediately noticed G-Dragon which was the first member I noticed when I saw the "Tell me goodbye" music video. I fell for TOP right away<3333 when got really interested in the rap. I though it was really cool how they rap in english. afterwards I saw their other PV's like "GARA GARA GO" and "Koe wo kikasete"

I got really hooked on them and found out their are a korean group. then i was really surprised. Now I'm extremely In love with this guys and can't get enough of them. I really love their music and all the guys are awesome. Thanks to them seems like i'm gonna stay being into korean music. Now I'm more used it and I've noticed many other groups too.

So from now on I'll also post about Kpop. I hope all of you guys Like kpop too. If you don't please check it out.

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Gabriela said...

Kpop is fabulous. <3