Sunday, July 11, 2010

Erena to graduate from AKB48!!

Erepyon will graduate this summer from AKB48 to study acting overseas. It was announced on the AKB48 official blog.
This is very sad news, The worst I ever had to experience in the Idol world.
Erepyon is really one of my most favorite members from AKB48 so this really hurts.

This is gonna be my first graduation experience of a member i really love.

This is so sudden I wonder when she's gonna graduate since there is no specific date.
even more strange that at the senbatsu election she said something totally different, about wanting to be in the top 3.
so this is really sudden. There had been a rumor at the beginning of this year that she would graduate but after Ponytail To Shushu
I though she was climbing back to track. We all though wrong she's leaving.

She's going overseas so i don't even think i'm gonna see her anymore. I hope she at least keeps her blog so i can know what she's up to. At this moment I don't know how to feel about akb and it's gonna take time to get used to it.
AKB48 and Team K will never be the same.
Let's hope she keeps doing something and let's support her always.

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