Friday, April 16, 2010

Oshima Mai "Mendokusai Aijou" Solo Debut

Yes I'm really exited about maimai's solo debut. I really didn't think she would be ever a solo artist but yes she's gonna keep being around us!!!!

The single will be release on May 5

these are the covers to her single
Limited Edition B (CD + DVD) AVCD-31841 / B \ 1,600 (tax in)
Limited Edition A (CD + DVD) AVCD-31840 / B \ 1,600 (tax in)
Normal Edition (CD ) AVCD-31842 / B \ 1,000 (tax in)

CD Tracklist:
1. Mendokusai Aijo
2. Dounimo Kounimo
3. Mendokusai Aijo (Instrumental)
4. Dounimo Kounimo (Instrumental)

DVD (10 minutes)
1. Mendokusai Aijo PV
2. Making of*

The song is kinda strange and it's gonna take me some time to get used to it, i don't like it so far.
I would prefer her in AKB than as a solo artist but a least i can keep seeing her.

Download PV here

Official AVEX site

I Dont like the fact that she's in AVEX rather than a better company.

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