Sunday, August 9, 2009

YUI "It's all too much" preview

you can hear a preview of the song by the end of the this movie trailer.

I can't wait for a full version.

the single has been decided
『It's all too much / Never say die』  / YUI
作詞/作曲 YUI
SRCL 7132~33 ¥1,575 (tax in)*初回盤
SRCL 7134   ¥1,223 (tax in)

2009/10/14(水) out 予定

M-01, It's all too much
M-02, Never say die
M-03, again ~YUI Acoustic Version~
M-04, It's all too much ~Instrumental~


☆ 『It's all too much』 Music Video 収録予定

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